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My Marmalade

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After many requests, I have decided to post my fabulous marmalade recipe for you to enjoy! It is an adaptation of my mom and granny’s recipes to create my own. So simple to make and doesn’t require sugar thermometers and hours of time.  I haven’t included quantities in my recipe, as you can simply make as much as you desire.


My Marmalade


  • For every 6 oranges, use 2 lemons
  • Squeeze the oranges and lemons, and place the juice, pips and pith in a saucepan. Boil, and strain through muslin.
  • Cut the orange and lemon peel into thin strips and place 1 part fruit peel to 3 parts water (including juice). Soak overnight.
  • Boil for approximately 1½ hours, until the fruit is tender.
  • Measure 1 part fruit to ¾ parts sugar and boil small quantities at a time for 25 minutes. I usually boil 8 parts fruit to 6 parts sugar at a time.
  • While boiling, place a plate in the fridge and test a little of the marmalade on the cold plate to see if it has set − it will form slight ripples once set. Let the jam cool on the plate in the fridge to be certain. If not set, continue to boil for a further 5–10 minutes. Skim the scum off the marmalade.
  • Sterilize bottles and lids, and divide the marmalade into jars, cover with wax paper and seal.

Marmalade guide

You can adapt the recipe to make Seville marmalade or three-fruit marmalade.

Seville – Substitute the oranges with Seville oranges

Three-fruit – 6 Seville oranges, 2 grapefruit and 2 lemons (Note: when making three-fruit marmalade, it won’t be as clear as traditional marmalade)