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After a three-week holiday, I am home and longing to get blogging again! It was a fantastic break, but I am excited to get back into the world of shoots, Fairlady and most of all home-cooked meals. I have missed those winter comfort foods; lasagne, soup, stews and the like. I will definitely be posting my favourites in the weeks to come.

The food in Turkey was a bit of a disappointment. When we stuck to the traditional fare i.e. koftas, schwarmas and kebaps they were always delicious. The selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices was superb. So with these raw ingredients available the frequent indifferent attempts at Western staples aimed at the tourist market were always a disappointment. Napolitana pasta from a can was a real crime.  Our best meal, hands down, was in the most modest, unassuming little restaurant frequented by locals, were we asked the chef to select dishes for us.

I wish we had access to fabulous markets like theirs. The selection was vast; from the freshest of fish to glistening cranberries. Snacking is very healthy in Turkey with a wonderful choice of nuts and fruit, both fresh and dried. I couldn’t resist coming home with my hand luggage packed with spices.

On my next post, I will present my rendition of a simple Turkish meal.