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‘Best Value’ Wines

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Ever bought a ‘Best Value’ wine, without stopping to think how it got the title? We are all culprits – we see a bargain and we buy it. Can a R22.00 bottle of Cab Sav be that good?

Last week a friend came over for dinner and brought 2 bottles of red wine with him; 1 bottle down and we got on to the discussion of the Best Value stickers stuck on the bottles.  After a long debate and many possible right answers, I decided to do some research.

A bottle of wine is classed ‘Best Value’ when it delivers on quality as well as price. The wines are blind-tasted by several wine connoisseurs and graded 2 1/2 stars and above to be in this category. The wine also has to be under the value of R60.00. They might not all appeal to you, but there are definitely some outstanding wines for their value. If you are not sure which wine to buy, keep an eye out for BV!